Shree Balsiddha Secondary School
श्री बालसिद्ध माध्यमिक विद्यालय


Your first step to Balsiddha School

Thank you for your interest in our school. Admission in the school is made irrespective of religion, race caste, place of origin etc. Students who have completed SEE are eligible to apply for admission in Class XI.

Admissions are open at the beginning of new academic session each year for Nursery-9 and generally on Aashad/Sharwan for grade 11.  Child between three and half years to four and half years at the time of admission can admit at Nursery.

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Requirements for Admission

  • Two copies of recent passport size photo
  • A copy of Birth Registration Certificate (For Nursery)
  • A copy of Grade Sheet and character/transfer certificates of the earlier class. (NA for Grade Nursery)
  • Concerned parents and aspiring students are expected to complete all the procedures within the given time framework.


You have to fill up the admission form initially.



After filling the form you should submit the form to the Balsiddha school administration physically. And get notified about the school’s rules and regulations.



Finally after the authority verifies, you are admitted to our school.


* School admission rules and schedules are subjected to change.